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TGwtDT: Chapter 3

December 24, 2011

Chapter Three

POV change!

Our chapter opens with our man Mike, arguing with Erika Berger— you know, the one mentioned a few sentences ago— in the office of the Millennium. Erika’s pissed that the only option that seems available to them is for Mikael to resign at the magazine in order to save their credibility. It’s the journalism equivalent of taking one for the team; Mikael accepts the blame for his story and seemingly foolish decisions in order to save the magazine’s reputation. Erika would rather stay on the offensive, and keep fighting Wennerstrom, trial or no trial. Blomkvist manages to dissuade her. Then they have pity-sex and Blomkvist reminisces about how they met.

“Blomkvist was sure that it was not the old-fashioned kind of love that leads to a shared home, a shared mortgage, Christmas trees, and children…Blomkvist had often wondered whether it were possible to be more possessed by desire for any other woman. The fact was that they functioned well together, and they had a connection as addictive as heroin.” Got some bad news for you, Kalle: that ain’t love. That’s just lust.

But kudos on keeping it interesting for twenty or so years. So much so that despite the fact that they both get married to other people (Blomkvist has a daughter, to boot) they kept hooking up.

In the midst of his brooding over the results of the case and gymnast-level sex with Erika, we learn a little bit more about Mikael, mostly that he takes being a financial reporter as SRZ BZNZ. “The job of the financial journalist was to examine the sharks who created interest crises and speculated away the savings of small investors, to scrutinize company boards with the same merciless zeal with which political reporters pursue the tiniest steps out of line of ministers and members of Parliament.” All joking aside, this excerpt sums up Mikael’s character pretty accurately. His work isn’t something he abuses for the occasional appearances on TV or the chance to rub shoulders with trust fund brats. He holds himself by a high standard and intends to make sure that the people with more power and money than himself do so as well. Wennerstrom abused the trust of his investors and made a killing for doing absolutely nothing, and even though the trial was doomed from the start, Blomkvist never regrets making the effort to stand up to him.

Erika shares these qualities— we know this because Larsson says so. More important than her attitude was her contacts: being part of the upper crust allowed her to use her influence to cobble together some seed money for the Millenium and make their voices heard. Lower-class morals backed by upper-class wealth, what a dream team.

The last member/third wheel of the Millenium administration is Christer Malm: exhibitionist gay celebrity graphic designer. When you just don’t have the time and energy to give your supporting character traits and flaws, toss as many labels as you can on them and hope for the best.

Blomkvist reads over the press release detailing his resignation as the magazine’s publisher on the Millenium’s website bitterly. Wennerstrom is a spiteful motha— even with the trial done and over with, he wants Blomkvist buried. Therefore, Mikael’s resignation may not only save the paper’s credibility but the paper itself, as Erika reports that one of their advertisers (one in which ‘strom has a sizable piece of stock) has declined ad space in their next issue.

Tough times ahead for the printed word.

Notes in the Margin

-Erika’s husband, Greger Beckman, is an artist that Mikael guesses is either too wrapped up in his creativity or in himself to be bothered by the fact that she sleeps with two men. She even divides up her vacation time so that she can spend time with her husband and Mikael. Beckman has gotta be fucking someone on the side. Artists are an odd bunch, but come on.

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